I'm doing an interesting little experiment for the moment. Some time ago I received a fine from the "Mechelse Politie". Somewhat surprised (haven't been in Mechelen for quite some time) I took a closer look and saw the car they mention is the one I had at my previous employer. Apparently the leasing company doesn't know that car is now used by somebody else (Gunther, put on your belt next time you go to Telenet).

I called the police and they told me I have to respond on paper and explain the point, and also prove I no long work for this company. As I'm not inclined to send them things like e.g. my contract with my new employer, I'm sending the police a print of my LinkedIn profile. That clearly states that I've changed jobs more then a year ago.

Now let's wait and see what happens ...

By the way, West Lease NV in Kuurne is not exactly a great example of a customer friendly company. I had lengthy discussions with them about the possibility of taking that car with me to my new employer, but that did not work out in the end. So they should know I'm not driving that car anymore. And they claim to be "very professional" and deliver a "personalised service" ... it would be a good start if they would know the name of their customers.