I'll be attending MIPTV in Cannes next week, together with Jo & Henri. I guess the brilliant ONE Agency team will have to survive without their inspirational leaders (don't foresee much of a problem there). The idea is to get inspired, learn and of course do some networking, but not in the traditional advertising or webosphere where most presentation actually repeat what a interactive marketing professional should know anyway. Nope, we're diving into "het hol van de leeuw" being the annual TV-mogul fest in Cannes.

The good thing about this show is that they have so much money (for the time being), that they are able to attract good speakers. Not so much all the CEO's of big TV or Telco companies, but innovators and challengers of all sorts. I'm looking forward to see the following:
> Jeremy Allaire, Chairman & CEO, Brightcove (USA) "Beyond Aggregation: Unlocking the Value of Online Video"Jason Kilar, CEO, Hulu (USA) "Sex, Lies and Online TV"
> Conversational Marketing: The Power Of Online Social Networks and 360 Campaigns
> Richard Dickson, Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Mattel Brands (USA) "The Evolution of a Living Brand"

And maybe most of all:
> Joi Ito, Chairman, Creative Commons "Share, Remix, Reuse-Legally. Creative Commons and the New Sharing Economy"
I mean, this guy is going to talk about all of this in front of an audience of people who'd kill their mother over the copyrights on their shows ... cool!

Check out the three main themes of the conference:
Green TV, Mobile Media and Social Media

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