We (ONE Agency) just launched the first real internet radio station in Belgium. So stop whining about Pandora no longer being accessible, as of now there is HUMO Radio.

This is the first internet radio station we are launching based on the Aristo Music database, and hopefully the first in a long row. We are convinced this will give the concept op radio a new (interactive, 2.0) dimension. So if you want a station for your brand, drop me a mail because we've got loads of other concepts up our sleeve to make this the ultimate interactive branding experience for you.

Another reason to be happy is the fact that I finally got to work with Clo. We've known each other for several years now, but never did business together (just chatting, eating, drinking, presenting at conferences, ...). And then, suddenly, by coincidence we find ourselves in the same meeting room and one month later www.humoradio.be lives (again, in case you didn't know, HUMOradio was the first name of this magazine).