Pwsinger 2009-Blog Interview
I was reading this interview on TED with P.W. Singer and the disrespectful way he talks about the people in Pakistan really shows what kind of morons are planning and organizing wars with our money. We have come so far that we kill people on the other side of the planet without even seeIng them, but it's very efficient mr. Singer says ...
Just read along what he has to say about local leaders:

"I had a conversation with a person from our Special Ops who talked to the tribal leaders in Pakistan. In a meeting, he served American cookies to one of these leaders -- turns out this guy had never had cookies before! He loved them. But this tribal leader also said America was working with the devil, that we were using black magic. Of course someone who hasn’t even been exposed to cookies is going to think an unmanned flying drone is black magic!"

So the fact that this man had never eaten American cookies before makes him a caveman or what? As if American cookies are the ultimate sign of civilization. What's the next level, a Mc Donald's along the Khyber Pass? It really doesn't matter what kind of magic he sees in those flying murder machines. Your drones, mr. Singer, are killing people halfway around the world without looking them in the eyes. Wouldn't it be a better idea to go there and talk with the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan? Learn something about the way they think, what their values are and what kind of desserts they eat. Probably not cookies but rather kheer, which you probably never tried before. And if there is really no other way and you still have the courage to kill some of those people, maybe you should go ahead ... maybe.

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