Time for some shameless self-promotion, but it's for a good cause.

The CMS awards reward the best cms-driven websites in Belgium, and we entered RTBF.BE as ONE Agency. Here are three good reasons to vote for RTBF.BE:

  1. It's a great site, probably the best news-site in French speaking Belgium (and judging from the stats also other French speaking countries).
  2. It's has a great - Belgian - CMS (Drupal), probably one of the most actively used Drupal implementations worldwide (like in ... changes every 10 minutes on average)
  3. It has a nifty flash back-office, probably the easiest way for an editor to "drag & drop" the news on the site taking it from all kinds of sources that produce the content. Unfortunately we can't give you access to that back-office but I can assure you, it works!

Now go VOTE! for RTBF.BE