Tomorrow I'm part of a panel in the "Games go Social" part of Picnic in Amsterdam. It's realy cool to be able to share ideas and thoughts with such an impressive panel:
Panel members: Shervin Pishevar (SGN), Maximilian Niederhofer (Atlas Venture), Kristian Segerstråle (Playfish) and myself of course.

Our moderator Yme Bosma has prepared the agenda, so if you have ideas don't hesitate to post them in the comments here.

Looking at my co-panel members' CV's I have a feeling we'll talk mostly about minigames played within social networks, however I think there are a lot of opportunities to gather casual gamers who play on consoles (e.g. Wii) on social networking platforms. Long time ago I made a proposal for that for Telenet but they stuck with hardcore gamers (and babe-lovers) with their 9Lives site.

Anyway, see you in Amsterdam ...

Keep a lookout for ONE Agency news tomorrow. I'm not in Amsterdam for Picnic alone (check the agenda)