I'm not really the whining type of guy, but the hypocrit way in which Apple treats it's iPhone customers in Belgium totally pisses me off.

About TWO MONTHS ago I ordered an iPhone at my regular Apple dealer. You know, the guys where I've bought like 4 or 5 macs and loads of accessories with. Untill now I heard nothing from them.
On the other side, I could go into a Mobistar shop and order an iPhone. If I tell them I'll take a subscription with them, I can have the phone in ONE WEEK.

What do I learn:
1. Apple doesn't give a damn about it's customers.
2. Apple takes a piss at it's official dealers.
3. Mobistar must have a great negotiation skills training in the house ...
4. But all of this is generating a lot of negative energy towards Mobistar

Hey guys at Apple, there are limits to the amount of goodwill a great products creates. Give your customers a break and serve them on a fair first-come-first-serve basis.

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