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Gent, 6 June 2008 – 30 May saw the launch of the VRT's '1000 Zonnen' website, designed and developed by ONE Agency in collaboration with the VRT.

At or, fans of '1000 Zonnen en Garnalen' can get interactive and contribute to this year's series, which goes by the trimmed-down name of '1000 Zonnen'. Users are invited to upload photos and videos onto the SunTube and are able to vote and comment on other users' contributions. Each day, Eén selects the video of the day, which is then aired on the following edition of the TV programme '1000 Zonnen'.

The interactive agenda allows surfers to both search for events and post information about summer happenings they recommend. With the online 'Reportages' gallery, '1000 Zonnen' followers can enjoy previous broadcasts of not only the '1000 Zonnen' TV programmes but also the Radio 2 '1000 Zonnen' reports.

ONE Agency was responsible for the design and development of the website, which bears all the hallmarks of a classic web 2.0 cross-media platform featuring rich-media applications and tools for interaction.

"This project is a perfect illustration of how ONE Agency is putting the various media (TV, Radio, Newspapers...) on the Social Media path. These media are in the ideal position to create a social dynamic with the user, thanks to the power of their offering" explains Jo Caudron. "In the same way as many other ONE Agency realisations (such as,, this project demonstrates a foretaste of the platform currently being developed by ONE Agency, which is designed to get Social Network sites up and running quickly and efficiently."