Just a few months after ONE Agency launched in October 2006, advertising mogul Ogilvy sued ONE Agency for using the name "ONE". They even claimed a compensation of € 25.000 per day that ONE Agency used ONE as their name.

Now, after the trial on February 14th 2008, the judge has totally rejected Ogilvy's claim. Looks like there is justice in this world after all.

I'd like to thank all the people who supported ONE Agency along this battle, especially those competitors ours who were prepared to back up our arguments. It's good to see that most agencies prefer to win clients by doing excellent work rather then trying to weaken competitors through legal claims.

Tip for Ogilvy's legal department: there's still "ONE Cleaning" to go after, they have an office right next to our's in Ghent.

For your info: I work for ONE Agency, which makes this even better news :)