Goodmorning Cannes, back in the Esterel room for the Internet TV Keynote by Hulu CEO Jason Kilar. Christel De Maeyer from Plugmedia sits next to me, we're in good company.

- cool little quote to set the scene -
Google paid more for DoubleClick then the Indian group Tata paid for Jaguar and Land Rover.

1. Strong trend
All indicators concerning online video have tripled over the last 24 months.

2. Atypical user experience

Three design principles:
- Not overloaded (should not look like Tokyo at night)
- My mother should be able to use it in 15 seconds without help
- Light & stylish

"There will always be more people on the internet who are not on, that is why we want to take this experience to as much as possible other sites." This is something we've been talking about a lot lately. Next to your own site, you have to build an ecosystem of sites around you where people can consume your content.
And also turns it around. If e.g. "Lost" is not available on, but it is available legally somewhere else on the web, offers this content too (links to those sites). So they actually 'promote' competitor's content for the sake of consumer comfort. That alone may just be enough to make Hulu a success.

3. What about content owners
A big plea for online TV as a form of 'sampling'. "We are in an impulse business". Give your content away online (with some advertising to pay for part of it) and when people like it, people will go buy your content to be consumed in other occasions (DVD, TV, etc.).

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