OK, gearing up for the next presentation but juice is running out. So I may have to stop blogging halfway this presentation.

We start with Caroline Slootweg, Director, Digital Marketing and New Media, Unilever. Looks like Unilever does get the idea of the social web, the internet as a communication channel. I also agree that some things never change, but I don't agree it's only about good products and good marketing. What doesn't change are the people themselves, and their hunger for social interaction.
So, adding a 'topic of discussion' to each campaign is not enough if you ask me. The way people communicate, the intensity, etc. changes fundamentally. And we have to learn to work with that.
Here comes the "campaign for real beauty". Great campaign, but why does Caroline have to over-do it? The video was not launched on YouTube, it was on a traditional microsite and damn difficult to share with friends. No embed codes, no direct links. It's a great campaign Caroline, but admit you learned a lot as you went, don't pretend you knew al about social media before you started the campaign.

Next up is Michael Tchao, General Manager, Techlab, Nike. He's the man behind Nike+.

Nice thought: "How can we turn information into inspiration?"

OK Michael, nicely prepared speech, but we know what Nike+ is ... The advertising campaign is nicely done, lot's of creative brand activation, cool ...