... make sure to drop by the new building of the MCA Denver. It's the perfect museum to me. Great architecture, interesting art, just large enough to spend an hour or two and then grab a bite in the lower downtown area. When we were there last week we enjoyed this installation by Candice Breitz called Legend. A kind of tribute to Bob Marley ... it really grabs you. Take your time to study all the faces, styles, expressions ... Most of the people in there have dark skin but they're all totally different. Fascinating really. And if the quality of this YouTube video is not good enough give me a yell, I have an HD version :). But better still, go see and experience if yourself.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQYbME67Z5o&rel=1]
And for the geeks ... movie shot with my brand new Sony HDR-CX6 HD video camera (which can not be found on the Sony website - duh!)and edited (just a bit) with iMovie. Editing HD movies however means LOADS of disk space, fortunately Steve comes to the rescue with the Time Capsule. Just what I was looking for to backup the 3 macs at home.