The Fuzzy Tail

From: darmano

The Fuzzy Tail is a play on Chris Anderson's Long Tail—but that's where the similarities end. Being "fuzzy" means unlearning the way we've always done things and moving away from rigidity toward adaptability. The first draft of this presentation will be presented to employees of Critical Mass, a digital experience consultancy based out of Calgary, Canada.

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This presentation makes met think back of a conversation I had with my boss (Mark) in at an early step in my career. I was working at a relatively silo-structured hierarchical company (Samsonite) and making a bit of a career there. But I found I did not have enough influence on certain decisions, until I read an article in "The Economist" (I was pretending to be a high level executive reading The Economist during my many business flights). The article (for as far as I remember) explained that the power in a company (and society I guess) is to be found just as much in social contacts, reputation, etc as it is something you get by getting a new title. David Armano's Fuzzy Tail is on the same wavelength.

On the other hand ... since then I also learned that unfortunately there are a lot of victims of the Peter principle around who have no influence at all but just happen to be the boss. When are these clowns going to be taken down?

But anyway, great presentation, both content and presentation are outstanding.