I'm proud to be down to less then 97kg, in spite of holiday and lot's of parties with lot's of red wine (no beer). I'm afraid I've consumed my 'one glass a day' until the end of the month. And still I'm losing weight, which means my motivation to be 'strict' is going down.

Anyway, the target is still 90kg, and I've started doing sports again. So I may just get there.

On the other hand, a blog does not really feel like the perfect medium for this "social losing weight" thing.
Twitter is probably better, so you can 'confess' your sins 'live' or report straight from the bathroom, and who knows maybe even ask for advice when confronted with a dilemma.
Other, more sophisticated, option is Facebook. There are a number of apps that help you in keeping track/share your weigh loss progress. But that feels like a bit too much attention, losing weight is not like the most important thing in my life.