David Hachez (tx for the picture) reports on a campaign by Sloggi in Belgium, and I agree with his critical view. I would even go further, it SUCKS.

The billboards may attract some attention, but I've seen it so many times now that I started noticing how much the picture has been photoshopped. I thought we had arrived in the age of 'real natural beauty', and that Sloggi was about no-nonsense cute but especially comfortable underwear. The four models seem to have identical bodies with identical skin color ... they look as if they just fell out of a cloning machine.

Then the site ... it's boring, the process is time consuming, the idea is not original and the result is not interesting. The campaign has no reference to the local market, it would have been so easy to see the result of your photo shoot on a Brussels background rather then some US city. Oh and euh, photoshop doesn't work on video :)

And indeed David, you can for sure motivate quite some men to go play with female flesh, but very few women ... who are the main target group here (I assume).

Lesson: New interactive marketing is not about simply plugging a microsite in your billboard campaign.