Since I moved to ONE Agency at the beginning of this year I switched to Mac as a professional laptop. I had Macs at home for years, but my full time life has been dominated by (ugly) PC-laptops.

In spite of my experience with Apple, switching to full time Mac-use does ask an effort. I had grown so deeply into Windows it had taken over part of my brain I think. But I never was so passionate about my laptop as I am now about my MacBook. It looks great, works perfectly, never switch it of, drag it around everywhere, take it out of my bag with pride and even on a Saturday morning it's my lazy-morning companion.

So apart from reading some blogs, what do I do with my MacBook this morning? I install cool gadgets. Check these two out tools that use the Mac's build in motion sensor ... eat your heart out PC geeks :)

What do you do when need to leave behind your laptop in an area that's not 100% safe? Arm the alarm of course. iAlertU is a laptop alarm that will start beeping as soon as somebody touches, moves or tries to use your laptop. It also take a picture of the villain and can send it to any mail address you want (e.g. the FBI).

Totally useless but utterly cool ... turns your Mac into a Star Wars light saber. Move around your laptop and it sounds like you're fighting the evil forces in the office. I should try this next time a customer starts complaining.

Thanks to Peter for the tips (by the way Peter, get a blog so I have something to link to please). This is what Apple is so good at, make people passionate about their products and share experiences.