Tonight over a 1000 politicians (of which 200 members of parlement) will attend a collective viewing of Al Gore's film "An inconvenient truth" in Brussels. Among them also the Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstad.

The session is the result of an initiative taken by a engaged housewive, Margaretha Guidone, who acted on Al Gore's request to make as many as possible people see the movie. Motivated by the movie she started calling and emailing politicians and with the help of some non-profit organisations she chartered two theatres in the Brussels "Kinepolis" complex. By now over 200 members of parlement, several ministers and a large number of other politicians and influencers have agreed to attend.

The only problem she still has is lack of international press attention. How does a houswive from Belgium catch the attention of CNN and other international media? Maybe through blogs?

In any case, congratulations Margaretha! Way to go.