Douwe Egberts recently launched a totally new product on the English market. It's a coffee based something, but nothing like the normal cup of coffee we are used to. I had the honour of trying out a pre-production sample and I must admit it has a relaxing fun factor to it. Getting curious? Go check out the site, I can't really explain the concept in writing.

DE shows an innovative approach to product development, the launch campaign on the contrary is not up to that standard (for as far as I can see). The flash site and movie is a bit old skool and a mumbo-jumbo of small ideas (which I do not all understand) that don't do credit to the concept. Where's the interaction? Let me enjoy the 'switch-experience' online please.

Anyway, hope Café Switch is launched in Belgium soon so I can try some more. And maybe we'll get a good campaign of one of the brilliant Belgian agencies ;-).