I'm subscribed to the Golf Smarter Podcast and it's really a must-listen for any golf enthousiast. Only disadvantage is that there is no real show site or shownotes. Recently Fred Greene (the host) did his podcast from a golf trade show and he made a selection of great golf gadgets. Here's the list:

A bottle of powder (like flour) which you spray into the air. The cloud of powder shows the wind direction. More precise than grass, and no need to bend over if you have a bad back.
site: Play the wind

Laser based tool to measure distance. Seems to be pretty sophisticated.
site: Bushnell Golf

Check-go Pro:
A little tool that allows you to find mark your balls for perfect balance. Every ball is a bit different and with this tool you can determine the equator with the best balance.
site: Perfectball.com

Adjustable golf clubs for kids. You can make the shafts longer as they grow.
site: Acculength

Enlow grips:
Extra thick grips, which are supposed to work better.
site: Enlow grips

Igotcha Ready:
A kind of weight to attached to a club for faster and better warm-up.
site: Proline sports

Golf head cover leash
Stop losing your clubhead covers ... have them on a leash.
site: Golf head cover leash

Swing Ab Core - golf training ball
A kind of ball-shaped weight for training use.
site: Posfit Golf

NXO Revolver bag:
A bag that revolves so you easily find back all clubs.
site: Bag Boy Company

Clicgear 3wheel cart:
A ultra-compact, 3-wheel push-cart. It looks a bit weird if you ask me. But probably very good.
site: clicgear

Thanks againg to Fred, great podcast!