Today Joseph Jaffe was opening keynote at the Challenge of the I conference.

If you ask me, his biggest added value was in opening up the mind of large number still very traditional marketeers in the room. Although his hyperactive speaking style may have been difficult to follow for the untrained ear.

Anything new or spectacular? Not to me (having read his book and listened to his podcast) but for sure eye-opening to many in the room. So thanks Joseph for opening some doors and making it easier to sell innovative marketing projects.

During the break Jo ( and I had a little chat, his critical view can be found here.

Joseph and I had a little chat after his presentation (about the Curry-thing, more stuff to come he promises), and I promised to call in my question to his podcast response line. So check out the next episode of Across The Sound hear why I think there is a discrepancy between him saying "if you can't measure it, it doesn't exist" and the dynamics of social marketing where relvance and quality of conversations is more important then measurable clicks and database entries.