Just installed the new version of iTunes on my two machines (Mac & PC). It's interresting to see how identical this piece of software runs on both platforms. Actually, I can't see the difference.

The interface for managing my iPod has greatly improved, in fact, it has now become integral part of the experiences rather then being hidden somewhere in the settings menu. Good work.
Browsing the new video store (US version) is an interresting experience, the 3D effect makes looking for movies very intuitive. If Telenet could do this for their interactive TV interface, THAT would push content sales for them.

But ... videos are only available in the US. Something strange I noted is that the Belgian iTunes store only exists in French. I guess they're running late with the Flemish version. Not a big point to me, but still ... for a company like Appple, simply saying "migrate to The Netherlands" to more than half of the Belgian population. That's not polite at all.