Our New York collegues sure stirred up some online emotions. In case you were hiding under a beach towel on the french riviera without a WiFi connection ... this is what happened.

Agency.com NY is in a pitch for "Subway". To give the best possible answer, they made a video of how they prepared everything. Next they put the video on YouTube to go viral. Did it work? Well they are over 41 000 views. The reactions in the online world however have been mixed (well ... mostly negative in fact). Go check out www.whenwerollwerollbig.com and read about it.

My idea? Looking back I would have made the video much more fun, a parody, not taking ourselves so seriously. It's professionally produced and has all the right content, but it's a bit 'fake'. Especially when looking with European eyes at this American-MadisionAve-Poeha ... On the other hand, they did it. It's easy to criticise and do nothing.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8eV6OuC8Oo]

We've had loads of fun in the office shouting "When we roll" -answer- "We roll big!". Hey, life's too short not to have fun, right?

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