I'm usually not the ranting type of guy, but all my electronic stuff seems to let me down.

Let's start with the gadget (well ... tool) I use most, my SonyEricsson P910i. Great phone, but oh so fragile. In fact I got it one year after my P900 died on me. I dropped it on the kitchen floor and the screen broke, took it back to the shop. They couldn't fix it, not because of the screen but because the inside of the phone had been humid ... (although the phone did work perfectly before the screen broke). Humidity? Well, the only thing I can imagine is that some sweat got in the phone when I was carrying it in my trouser pocket. Pffffff
Now, end of last year I heard about the P990 being launched in spring 2006 (with a decent camera build in, WiFI and a new Symbian OS), so I start dreaming (and saving). 8 months later the P990 is still in the "available soon" status. In the mean time, the flip-open keybord died on my, and I at least met two other people with the same problem. Fragile!
To hell with the P990, I'm going for another phone. In fact, I just bought a Sony Cybershot 100 (8.1 megapixel) camera, so my next phone could be an M600i, which has no build-in camera (if it only had Wifi ...).

Next piece of electronic junk is my iPod Nano. I bought one last October in the Apple store in Chicago. After a few months the battery failed and it got replaced (without a problem in a store in Belgium!). Again a few months later, the screen dies on met ... replaced again. And now the battery has broken down again. I'm taking it to the store next week, so I may end up with my third Nano in 10 months ...

NEXT! Dell ... Our company policy says we must use Dell computers. My laptop is my life, but apart from the horrible design of the Dell, I don't care to much for which brand it is. However, when it comes to audio and video, I grew up with a Mac (at home). So I'm a bit (only a bit) demanding on that side. Well, this Dell Latitude D610 SUCKS! First of all it doesn't have microphone ... Can you imagine that? A laptop in the age of Skype and Podcasting that won't allow you to record anything without plugging in an external microphone! BAD!
And it gets worse, the sound card on this thing isn't even close to the stuff in my mobile phone. Already when Windows starts up, you can hear a crack in the sound. Playing music over headphones is almost acceptable (although it sounds like an old record player with the disc skipping every now and then). Due to iPod failure I hooked up the laptop to my car stereo to listen to some podcasts while in a traffic jam. Total disaster! the sound is so bad it sounds as if somebody is knocking on the mike every 3 seconds on the other side.
PAUL, I want a MACBOOK PRO! (Paul is our sysadmin and übergeek)