I was asked to coach a student on an assignment about Podcasting. Actually, nobody in here school felt that they knew enough about podcasting to help her. So I got into the story a bit late with little time to help her out, but she still did a decent job.

Nancy, obviously, also made a podcast out of the document. And to make it look 'real' I promised to put the episodes on my servers space and in my feed. It's all in dutch and probably not the most compelling content, but any effort to spread the word on podcasting must be supported! The production value is more then decent so if you have some time to spare and understand dutch, go check it out. Feedback (send me a mail on bert-at-ibert.be) is welcome, I need to give points :-).

I'm not putting direct links to the episodes here because I find you should subscribe to the podcast feed (e.g. in iTunes) to get the real podcast feeling. This is the podcast feed: "http://podcast.ibert.be", use iTunes or any other podcatcher to subscribe to the feed and enjoy. Here's how that works in iTunes: click on "advanced" in the menu bar at the top, choose "subscribe to podcast" from the dropdown, past in the link above and subscribe.

All sources used in this podcast are neatly mentionned in Nancy's written assignment, so if you want info on that, drop her a mail: nancy.de.jonghe-at-telenet.be

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