Two major changes on the business front!

We (Hypervision) became Brussels. I remembered Agency. com from 6 years ago when in the middle of the dotcom bubble they were one of those worldwide online service companies everybody wanted to work for. They were never in Belgium I think, but we did get into competition with their Amsterdam branch at that time. Well, they have survived the bursting bubble and were taken over by Omnicom (OMC) in the mean time. Since last year they 'married' to TBWA\ (part of Omnicom) and now we (logically) become part of It's great to get the international dimension again into my life. Really missed that the past years.

Second major event, we (TBWA Group Belgium, comprised of TBWA\, TEQUILA\ and won the Telenet account. I'm really looking forward to working with this company and be at the hart of innovation in telecom, internet and digital TV. They have been the first to offer telephone over cable, were at the hart of spreading broadband over here and launched cutting edge digital TV last year (with a broadband return channel, which is unique in the world!). I can tell you, the meeting with Duco Sickinghe (CEO) and his team was impressive. These guys know what they're talking about!

All of this is increasing the workload too much, but fortunately we've got some talented new people coming in to help coordinate all this new bussiness and service our customers to the best.