Phew, the days are just packed this week!
Business is running like hell, got to meet Joseph Jaffe himself (more about that later) and last but not least, I got invited for a TV show.

After last week's article in De Morgen (see previous post) I got asked by "Morgen Beter" on Canvas to defend my ideas in a panel discussion. 15 minutes, shared with three professional journalists, is not a lot to get a message across. But at least some people may start thinking about the internet as more then just HTML pages now.
The second (first actually) topic of the evening was on nuclear energy, but for your own safety I edited that out of the video podcast which you can download here (73mb):
Bert in Morgen Beter op Canvas, Het einde van traditionele TV
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Note that this is a quicktime movie, so best viewed with iTunes (or quicktime of course).

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