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Travelling the world by motorbike

As some of you may know I'm quite a maps-freak. I can spend hours looking at maps, plotting out routes and exploring the world through Google Earth. Something that is greatly appreciated by friends who join met on a motorcycle trip.

A few months ago I discovered, a Belgian starterup that helps you find the nicest route to travel. Yesterday I saw them mentionned on TechCrunch and plunged back into the site to compose some routes for my motorcycle travel website: It's all in Dutch but the routes and pictures have no language of course.

What especially interresting about is that they have a feature that gives you the nicest route between two points. I haven't figured out exactly how they do it, but it works fine. And by switching "automatic" and "manual" you can combine normal roads with paths less travelled. Perfect if you go mountain biking or off-road motorcycling. Here is an off road bike route I made that mixes off road and real road.