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A new mobile payment platform:

In Las Vegas Brice was bragging that he is now is officially a "Banker". He took the exams and got the license so he could realize a new mobile payment idea, and I just got a mail that has started:

Tunz allow completely new ways of doing electronic transactions :
users could buy and pay while in SecondLife, buy the live music during
a concert and get it on their email before the end of it, buy a product
instantly advertised on a banner, on a poster in the street, on a tv
commercial..., Tunz allow users to share the bill at a restaurant,
parents to load their kids mobile, visitors to donate (see the TunzMe
widget) for content on your blog, ... all this without a credit card, just
with any mobile phone.

Somewhere in the back of my head I have the feeling I already heard or saw this concept ... Anyway, it looks like something simple, easy and practical. So I'm going to give it at try.