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Shameless self promotion: Bert on TV

"Koppen" the current affairs program on Belgian Television (één) came by last week to interview me on the business aspects of Second Life. Not an in-depth thing, but (probably) a good starter for those who never heard of Second Life. After all, één is a channel destined at the wide public.

I took the interviewer around a few places and we had a small Second Life interview at Crayonville Island, and we used the meeting facilities for a sales meeting (thanks CC). The team also interviewed Miel (Coolz0r) and Clo (and maybe more people).

So get of line and switch on the good old TV on Tuesday the 9th about 21:00h. I wonder how many seconds I will be visible :)

By the way, should you have more questions concerning Second Life and how to make it work in your business plan, just drop me a mail.