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Apple just killed blu-ray and hd-dvd

In the traditional post-Jobs-Keynote buzz I read nothing about the third and probably final (in a way) standard in media storage: memory. While the consumer electronics moguls are fighting a war over which will be the next standard after the DVD, a war without signs of a winner yet, Apple announced a series of products that make it easy and affordable to simply store your movies on hard discs (or flash memory).

Just look a the line-up:

- Macbook Air: Has no DVD station build in. Your data is somewhere on the network (on a hard/flash drive).
- Apple TV: In a new version, has a considerable hard disc and can download movies through iTunes (HD). No DVD.
- Time capsule: A big hard drive with seamless high-speed connection to all other Apple devices in the house. Perfect to backup all you data (including movies) but also to simply store movies.
- iPod touch/iPhone: Plenty of storage capacity, wirelessly connected to your other drives. Works a screen to see movies on your network.

And it's not Apple alone who are switching to this 'new' standard, Lacie for one is also launching this kind of media products.

So throw out the DVD player and store the discs with your LP's in the Attic for your grandchildren (or sell them on eBay now) and invest in more storage capacity. My order for a 1 terra time capsule is in.

1 Comment