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Clouseau: What a disaster

The Belgian pop-group Clouseau has launched a so-called interactive clip. This is my experience as a consumer:

  • I hear about the clip that is said to allow me to choose from different camera points in a house and even zoom in on details "without losing quality". Sounds great, want to experience this ...
  • I surf to and click the "start de video" button, but I don't get access. Apparently I have to register before I can watch the clip. The only good news is that any fake address works fine. But still, why do I HAVE TO register to see a commercial for Clouseau's new single?
  • Then comes the interactive experience ... In fact it's nothing more then nine (six actually, the three attic "rooms" are just deco) separate low res movies glued together in barbie-house. Indeed you can click on each one of the scenes to zoom on one "room" and even click further to zoom deeper (once) which gives you a quality level that's worse then a YouTube clip. So in case you were expecting something special, don't bother.
  • And that's where the interaction stops. Basically it's six situations that normally feature in a video clip, shown in a grid rather then neatly edited together.

I gues "Artificial Industry" (the company who seems to power this clip) is all about artificially attracting traffic but missing the authenticity to actually deliver something compelling. Cool idea, terrible execution, missed chance.

Clouseaukes ... better stick to 't Sportpaleis, your interaction there is much more genuine.

1 Comment