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Joseph Jaffe discovers how difficult marketing through social networks can be ...

This is an interresting one. Joseph Jaffe -new marketing guru- has run into trouble with Adam Curry. He did an interview with Adam and Ron Bloom (they're the guys behind He ran the first half of the interview in his podcast Across The Sound and then (quote) "held the second part hostage" untill Adam Curry would "give him some love" (read: "promote Jaffe's show") on the "Daily Source Code" (a much listened to podcast by Curry).

Adam responded in his typical way (half fun, half serious) and claimed back the right to use the second part of the interview untill (go listen to the podcast). I agree with Curry, Joseph's idea about keeping the interview hostage is fucking lame. But the story gets even better. Apparently Joseph sent Adam an apology of some kind, but Adam won't play it "for Joseph's own protection". A lot of negative reactions also towards Jaffe.

Looks like Joseph is running into a similar problem as when they launched their failed atempt to leverage viral marketing in a pitch for Subway.

New marketing and social media, it's not all that easy. But if you ask me, it all comes down to common sense, being transparent and honest, and a minimum of emotional intelligence.