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The Gang is BACK!

We're already at episode 3, but it was about 2 weeks ago or so that Jason Calacanis twittered about the first episode that had been taped (which Steve Gillmor did not appreciate). I immediately went on a search and through another tweet from Jason I discovered the Facebook group Steve had been setting up.

So I listened and enjoyed the first episode. The Gang is to me the ultimate combination of geek talk, visionary insights on new media, useless discussions and a total waste of time. And every time I listen laugh out loud at least once, and I have at least one new insight to think (or blog) about.

Steve's cutting up an episode into 4 pieces again, in spite of a lot of protest in the past. I even embarked on a discussion with him and Tim Coyne through Facebook, but now I must admit the four-piece-version is not so bad after all. There's no advertising (for the time being) but Steve does add a kind of 15 second summary of the beginning of each part, and that helps if you're listening in chunks (which is recommended as the guys ramble on during more then an hour).

So, the Gang is back, and I'm happy :)

If you want to listen too, go through Facebook. It's Steve's way to gather attention metadata ... I guess ... well ... hosting is free and it has a lot of features to 'manage your audience'.

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