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Stichting Marketing Congres Community

A few years ago (in 1999 to be precise) I was at the annual Stichting Marketing congress when I realized that my future was in the then booming world of internet and interactive communication. Now, 7 years later, I'm proud to announce the Marketing Congress Community, a platform for interaction centered around the marketing conference. We just launched it today and I'm looking forward to see whether the mostly 'traditional marketeers' attending the congress will engage in this platform.

It has two main features. First there is room for discussion around a number of statements we took from Fons Van Dyck's new book. After only a few hours there are already 4 comments, so I hope it goes on living. Secondly you can make 'buddies' within the group of attendees which should help everybody network within the community. We even added a nifty flash-tool where you can visualize your network in a 'springraph'.

One more community you may think? Well, this is one of those 'private' communities where not just anyone can participate. Only those registering for the congress can participate ... . Is this against the open (2.0) spirit? No, everybody can read, and comment on their own platforms (blogs).