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God 2.0

On a philosophical note, developed being very tired and under the influence of a few drinks :).

Consider the fact that thanks to (due to?) social media, anybody who somewhat moves in the public space is under a kind of constant surveillance. We are often filmed or could be filmed by somebody with a mobile phone, conversations are recorded, pictures are taken and as a bare minimum there is always a blogger around who could report about what you said or did. Knowing this, people will think twice about what they do or say. The same goes for companies, whatever they say or do needs to be truthful and transparent because if not, it's just a matter of time before somebody finds out about the truth and publishes it on a blog.

So, are social media media making this world a better place? Is this the new GOD?

Is there a theologist, philosopher or professor in sociology out there who to dig a bit deeper into this?

Let's take this little extract from Wikipedia :
Theologians and philosophers have ascribed a number of attributes to God, including omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, perfect goodness, divine simplicity, and eternal and necessary existence. He has been described as incorporeal, a personal being, the source of all moral obligation, and the greatest conceivable existent.

Omniscience: Considering the wisdom of crowds one could say the connected community is the most all-knowing body I know of.

Omnipotence: It may sound like naive faith in social media but one could say there is no limit to the power of social media, but I must admit this is kind of a long shot.

Omnipresence: The web is probably the single most omnipresent entity on earth, not in the universe however.

Goodness: Well ... I guess there is just about as much badness in the network as anywhere else. So by that logic we may have stumbled across Devil 2.0 at the same time.

Simplicity: Social media as a concept is as simple as it gets.

Eternal: The Internet is probably not eternal, but I don't see the social connections being established through the net today ever fade away.
Necessary: The way social media developed through the net somehow tells me 'it had to be'.

Incorporeal: The net may be very physical when it comes to wires, servers and routers, but the dynamics of social networks are 100% incorporeal.

Moral obligation: Exactly what I wrote above.

I'm onto something ... I can feel it :)

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