Back in Belgium with a small jetlag. Wednesday was the last (half) day of Mix07 without much spectacular highlights. I attended a presentation on Agency 2.0, nice but nothing special and especially an extremely arrogant presenter ("is this being taped, you may not tape this" and "a copy of the presentation? that is something I did not reach an agreement over with Microsoft" ...). Then there was a session about making money from RSS, but there was only one slide actually addressing that subject.

The rest of the day was filled with enjoying the pool, shopping, a party and packing suitcases.

We left early thursday morning and back in Belgium on friday. Lot's of good news at the office, new projects launched, new wins, etc. More about that later.

If we find the time we may still make a Las Vegas video with all the footage we captured with our phones. If we do you'll read about it here.

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