Here's a new list of Windows Live messages I found in my buddy list:

> "Squareminded" (what does that mean?)
> "If it doesn't sell, it's not creative" (good point)
> "I tried setting my gmail password to penis. It said my password wasn't long enough. :(" (lol)
> "I'm in like with you" (???)
> "Watching striptease on één" (he's had that for days now ...)
> "Colt is run by a bunch of hobbyist fickwads" (my favourite > Colt 'd better get their act together before the community strikes back)
> "Serenity now" (hypefucker)
> "Mijn favoriete boek: 'De postduif en de paperclip'" (is he serious?)
> "Mata ki te rani" (help)