My podcast listening habits are getting organized. Since a few months I'm using to organise my podcasts and it's starting to work.

The podshow site is very ambitious, but I only use it to manage the podcasts I (want to) listen to. The concept is simple: you select podcasts that intrest you and put them in your collection. Next, you group them in channels. I have a 'regular' channel which I always listen to, an 'under evaluation' channel where I put shows I may want to listen to when I've listened to everything in my regular channel. The third channel is one with video podcasts. Now, the cool thing is that I download the two audio-podast channels (regular and under evaluation) to my iPod through iTunes on my laptop, and the video channel goes to iTunes on my Mac at home.

It's great to be able to manage your stuff online, so when you change hardware you don't need to start over. And of course it's cross platform, so my iPod is fed trough my (windows) laptop, and the video stuff is stored on my Mac at home. And I can manage it from anywhere.

Podshow also offers all kinds of searching and sharing tools, and even your own blog and stuff. But hey, apart from this blog I'm swamped with free blogs (myspace, windows live spaces, libsyn,, and I'm probably still missing some). So no blog on podshow for me. I guess the social networking works great if you're in need for more content, but for now my commute time is full with the podcasts I have (and lot's of business calls).
Last thing, the usability of podshow is not there yet. They fiddled around with a lot of ajax & stuff, but I get lost all the time.

But if you feel 'social', go check out my channels, they're all public: