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Bwards2006 - good fun

Yesterday was the Bwards2006 party. Great work by the whole team, especially Jeroen (the spark), Maarten en Clo (ongetwijfeld de beste belblogdel ever).

Friday night is not the ideal moment for hard working family man to go party, so I left rather early. What struck me was the diversity of the crowd: the nerds were there, but also some babes, there were artists and boring business people, alterno's and a lot of plain and simple "normal people". All unique personalities, (almost) all with a blog.

The stand up comedians were not all at the same level, but the atmosphere was good.

The highlights:
- Won a wireless mouse!
- Hooked up with some people I know (bloggers & other)
- Clo as Beldel
- The rap band

Oh and Miss Dams, hope you appreciate the drink :)



Bwards party on friday (en Ecto trouble)

We've got a party going on friday, the Bwards!

... and meanwhile I'm testing 'ecto' as a desktop blogging tool, as I will be blogging to two blogs tonight at the IAB Net café, so I need something to do that efficiently. But I'm not really impressed until now. In fact, it's not working :(. Suggestions anyone for a good desktop blogging tool for mac that will work with the new blogger? Preferably something that manages pictures too.