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Out of office ... and happy to be so :)

I'm off on holiday today, to VENICE for a week and then we go "somewhere in France" (suggestions for Chambre d'hotes are welcome) by motorcycle (BMW K1200RS).

Last year I had an ambitious out of office message quoting all the books I planned to read. This year I again have a number of books like one I never finished (The world is flat, A brief history of the twenty-first century), and old golf book (Golf in the Kingdom) and a 100% personalized book I got (printing on demand) where the main characters got my and my wife's names (even on the cover).

But my out of office message will be different, something along the lines of: If you miss me ... listen to some cool summer festival music on


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Books, books, books

Last summer I posted a list of books I intended to read during my holiday. This year I wanted to do it a bit more sophisticated using Shelfari. So I started adding the books in my library to my virtual shelf. Conclusion ... I need more holiday, some of these books have been sitting there for over a year without being read.

The advantage of Shelfari is that based on the ratings I can now set priorities as to which ones I really need to read, and the ones that will probably remain unread. The really smart way of going about this is to check ratings before you buy a book. But hey, I like buying books :).

Tx Jeroen for directing me to Shelfari.