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Mix07 - First stop in London (Covent Garden)

Our trip started early today (got up at 4 am) and in the mean time we arrived in London with the group. As we have more then half a day for the transit for our US bound flight, we decided to go into the city. So now we are here on a terrace in Covent Garden with 11 geeks abusing the Diamond Films Wifi for Skype, Joost, mail checking and of course Windows Live Messenger :)

The atmosphere is great, all 'competitors' chatting about and having fun, evaluating gadgets, etc.

Remarkable piece of advertising here in Covent Garden: The museum of old technologies (or something like that), which are a number of boxes showing replica's of 'ancient technologie' which is about to be replaced by the Nokia N95 (desktop computers, cars without GPS, CD-shops, etc.). The boxes send an ad via bluetooth (but nobody succeeded in receiving it, which is a pity) and there's flyers in the shape of old floppy's. Cool idea.

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1 Comment