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MIPTV Cannes: TV Keynote - Elisabeth Murdoch: Creativity without borders

... not the most creative title to start with ...

Introduction about Elisabeth's history in Cannes ... yawn ...

OK, so this is officially the most uninspired, uncreative speech of the day. Elisabeth is actually reading her speech from a nifty system, a kind of auto-cue projected on two small pieces of glass that stand about a meter away from her. It looks as if she looks in the room, but in fact she's not. Old-skool TV habits I guess ...

Some quotes, for what it's worth:
- Creativity is not hierarchical
- Creativity is not linear

That was it, I leave you with a picture from the presentation so you have at least something interesting to close the day:

Apparently more people were live blogging, or not? This was up before the speech began ...