Ever since Tesla launched I liked their approach. Electricity is the perfect energy source for cars if you can store enough of it, and it seems Tesla has found the right formula.

After the launch of the rather expensive roadster (104 000 USD) they are now preparing a new, more affordable model: Tesla Models S. At 50 000 USD it's still not cheap, but acceptable compared to similar cars in the market. So that's why I'm seriously considering buying one. Well, reserving one is the right word because they will only be available end of 2011.

So, this weekend I'm heading for France to go test-drive the Tesla Roadster, and ask the guys there some questions before I pay 4000 or even 20 000 euro to reserve a Model S. Here are some things I want to find out, if you have questions yourself, just add them in the comments or twitter them:

  • Is the battery life guaranteed if I drive to the full potential of the car (= fast)?
  • How fast does it charge on regular current (220V)?
  • Will the Model S (and Roadster) be approved for Europe and/or Belgium? (In other words, will I have to go through tedious import procedures?)
  • ...

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