My mailbox is overloaded with Christmas wishes, mostly standard e-cards or links to cool movies. Nothing wrong with that, but when such a standard animated card comes with a disclaimer like this at the bottom, I once again realize that lawyers are not helpfull in makting this a better world:

Important Note: This E-Mail is confidential, it must not be read, copied, disclosed or used by any person other than the above named addressees. Unauthorised use, disclosure or copying is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. Xxxxxxx (U.K.) Limited and Xxxxxxx Group Limited disclaim any liability for any action taken in reliance on the content of this E-Mail. The comments or statements expressed in this E-Mail are not necessarily those of Xxxxxxx (U.K.) Limited, Xxxxxxx Group Limited or any subsidiaries or affiliates of either company. Xxxxxxx (U.K.) Ltd. Registered Office: Xxxxxxx VAT No. GB Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Group Ltd. Registered office: Xxxxxxx, Registered in England No. Xxxxxxx VAT No. GB Xxxxxxx

So basically, company Xxxxxxx is NOT wishing me all the best for 2009 or what? And by copying this phrase, I may be acting unlawfully?

Well, all the best to you all and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as we tend to say around here (in't Vlaams dan wel)!