Geeks - like me - can't stop complaining on how hard it is te keep up with RSS feeds, but still we keep singing the praise of this 'diamond in the rough'. In the rough because the mainstream public still has not picked up RSS feeds, dispite the efforts of many mainstream media (e.g. newspapers) who include a newsfeed on their site. Most news sites even have several 'thematic' feeds.

But I have not subscribed to any of these. My RSS reader is filled mainly with individual blogs. One blog that has been in-and-out several times is TechCrunch. Great news, but way too much to consume if you're not spending 50% of your day keeping up with the latest on innovation, startups and social media stuff. It looks like they're slowly adopting the mistakes mainstream media make ...

So why don't I subscribe to regular newspaper feeds? Because they copied their paper/website logic to RSS feeds without adapting it to the medium. As a result, you get long lists of news articles with no difference between front-page news and a small article at the back of the newspaper.

I see a number of solutions:

1. Make a manual sort of are the most important articles and put it in a separate feed.
2. Make a feed based on articles that have been read online a certain number of times (e.g. the top 20%), or do the same based on user ratings.
3. Make feeds based on personal editor picks, could be journalists or users.

Mr. editor in chief, please help RSS to become the success it deserves to be.