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Looks like I might be switching to Mobistar one of these days ...

I just read the press release from Orange, Mobistar, a subsidiary of Orange is going to carry the iPhone in Belgium. The actual press release still leaves in doubt if the agreement is an exclusive one. For some reason the newspaper The Standaard believes that the agreement is exclusive ( Interestingly there is a link to an interview with Frédéric Verbiest from Belgacom ( who states that Belgacom (parent company of Proximus) is not currently in talks with Apple. What is this? Belgacom arrogance? Belgacom stupidity? Vodahone, Belgacoms international partner is carrying the iPhone.

So, what am I going to do do in the next few months? Wait until the iPhone effectively appears with Mobistar, dump my Proximus contract and get a Mobistar contract. So Proximus is going to loose out on roughly 4000 EURO/year in mobile phone invoices I am paying. I don't think I will be the only one.