While TV execs swarm around David De Rothschild (no joking, at least 30 fighting to exchange business cards) Kevin Wall gets on stage. I not a big promotor of the 360 thinking (I think one should use the media best fit to reach a goal). However, "Live Earth" is BIG and and it does a great job in generating awareness for environmental issues. Well does it really? Or is it just a cool event with popular music?
Kevin Wall is Chairman & CEO of Control Room and Founder & CEO of Live Earth
Let's hear it ...

Mark Halper (Journalist) is chit-chatting with Kevin Wall ... nothing really interesting yet ...

To what extent is Live Earth eco-friendly?
Rock concerts are not eco friendly by nature. Live Earth trained the organizations extensively to be as eco-friendly as possible and as result they were 1/3 more eco-friendly then the best example until now. As audited by PWC ... which does not really convince me I must say.

Cool quote, while praising MSN for giving them a HUGE audience, and the possibility to connect back with this audience afterwards:
"Wake up to the real world: People are not watching TV"

About bandwith and servers ... as expected they did not have too much trouble (thanks to Akamai), another quote:
"The internet is ready for large scale broadcasting".
No surprise for me there, but unfortunately for Mr. Wall broadcasting is not what makes the Internet so powerful.

Looks like Kevin Wall looks a the internet as some kind of interactive TV, not so much as a communication platform. There is a point of course in the 'on-demand' feature, the global reach and the lean forward aspect of being a bit interactive.