In the "Esterel" room at Cannes but not live blogging. I took a WiFi subscription at the hotel so will upload this later tonight. I don't have the illusion anyone is so interested in this they want to read it live. Moreover, if you read this through an RSS reader (like most), there's a big chance you will read this with some delay anyhow.

- update - just got a WiFi connection, so uploading near live now -

I don't know Mr. De Rothschild, but judging from his name I guess he's some rich guy with nothing on his hands except for a lot of money, trying to give sense to his life by giving an environmental twist to his adventures. But then again, this was somehow what I thought of Dixie Dansercourt (did I spell that right) before I actually met the guy. So, let's give David the benefit of the doubt ...

"Technically we are all adventurers, we create stories ..."

The world is in the 'dispair' phase of the Kübler-Ross model (the stages of grief) when it comes the ecological future of our globe. So how do we get away from the negative to the positive. The next step is 'acceptance'. The answer: KIDS. Kids are the future, so "Adventure Ecology" (David's company) put's kids in control of environmental things. Help them realize small things so they can discover there is a future and they can do something about it.

Nick's Big GREEN Thing, is a program David makes with/for Nicolodium where kids are challenged to take small steps towards a better world. It's done in a very interactive way, next to a really entertaining piece of TV there's all kinds of interactive features such as blogs for the kid and all kinds of other feedback mechanisms.

Great message if you ask me. I'm bringing up an 11 year-old and I want her to have a bright future, but she must learn that SHE is one of the people who will have to build her own future. In fact, this goes for all of us.

"The only thing an adventure ecologist needs is - passion!"

Keep an eye on the launch of the PlasTiki, a boat entirely build of used pet-bottles. It sets sail in december 2008.