After I actually used a working iPhone in Belgium a month or so ago, I decided to get my own. It arrived yesterday (check Corneel's pics) and today our genius Bart carefully selected the best procedure and hacked my phone into an open device (well, kind off). So as of now I'm using my iPhone through Proximus.

At first (yesterday) I started to doubt my investment. A non working iPhone looks interesting, but more phones look cool today. However, since I actually started using it a few hours ago I'm totally addicted ... it's a Mac ... The user experience is simply great.

The next test is whether it'll do the job in real business life. No high speed internet (still need to get even GPRS configured), but maybe the superior WiFi functionality will compensate this. Sync-ing (with a Mac) works great. I set up a POP account for Gmail in less then a minute, so that's cool. Google reader seems like a joy (mobile version). Listening to podcasts is (as on an iPod) perfect, same goes for video (as long as the format is OK).
The YouTube client is great. I'm not much a of YouTube explorer, but this tool (combined with WiFi) makes it like Joost on a portable screen. Great!

One secondary effect, all my colleagues want to make pictures of me holding my iPhone. First there was Peter who wanted to prove the virtues of his N95, and then Ben who's touch screen phone - I must admit - is also kinda cool ... but not as cool as ... we'll it's just a phone of course :)