The elegant golf club of Oudenaarde is not exactly the place where you go to check out new gadgets, unless you're looking for a set of golf clubs. But yesterday I walked into the bar and one of our members (Patrick) was demonstrating his iPhone to Philip (the head pro). Rather an unusual sight in the traditional setting of the castle bar :)

Anyway, the phone works perfectly on the Proximus network, only disadvantage is that you have to rely on WiFi for high speed internet access. The iPhone has GPRS and Edge, but Proximus only offers GPRS and 3G, so it's either GPRS or WiFi.

Which hack to use?
Some research learned me there is a working software hack, but that is not available for broad use yet. Patrick used the hyper card trick and that works perfectly, as I have felt with my own fingers. The idea is to mix two SIM cards, the AT&T one that comes with the iPhone (no need to have an AT&T subscription, just the SIM card) with your local provider's SIM Card. It seems to be rather easy to do with this hyper card. You have to cut out parts of each SIM card and mix the together in the hyper card. So no need to break the iPhone open.

Anybody know whether this iphone software hack really works?

Update 2:

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